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Overeager Beaver

A youngish science nerd from Australia


First three weeks

I am a little more than three weeks into honours and I am tired. I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere and I’m trying to read papers but there’s so many and also I’ve started writing some image processing code. But to be fair I’m at the point in the night where I’m just exhausted […]

How to apply for Honours

So you’re about to finish your undergrad science degree and are considering an honours year. Let me tell you what you need to know but probably won’t find in any official info session. I’ve recently gone through the process of finding and applying for a biomedical science honours in Australia. It was a bit of […]

Biomedical Research Institutes in Melbourne: A Glossary

This glossary accompanies the guide to applying for honours. It lists the research institutes that are external to university departments. When looking for labs, look up university department labs as well as external research institutes (some listed below). If you find an institute not included in this list, please contact me or leave a comment […]

Metaphorical Beavers

I am a bit of a hoe for metaphors, as anyone in my Yr12 Lit class will tell you. What I like about metaphors is that they’re subtle but also not. Like on the surface, it seems completely normal but peel away the skin and BAM the muscles that held it up become incredibly obvious. […]

Why I’m not choosing your lab

I said yes to my lab on Monday and sent out a whole lot of emails to all the other labs I was considering saying “I’m with Melon’s lab now”. One PI emailed back asking for the chance to meet and discuss his lab’s work in more detail before I made my “final final decision”. […]

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